Welcome to my own corner of the Web! This site is one of many doors to my home in Cyberspace (or whatever we're calling it THIS week). Whether you envision it as a spherical spiderweb in three dimensions, or a tangled ball of string, this is where we find ourselves. This site is constantly evolving (mutating?), so please feel free to re-visit often.

I'm Phil. I'm also the closest thing to a Webmaster this site has, except I can't claim to have "mastered" anything about the internet! I'm a GadgetFreak(tm), a Mechanical Engineer, a HotRodder (as in cars), and an Amateur Photographer/Videographer/Musician/Astronomer...

I'm basically "normal" person, except that I have a REALLY strange sense of humor (which is better than NO sense of humor at all)... My opinions on different subjects are guaranteed to offend you in at least one area. You'll agree with me in others (feel free to debate via e-mail).

Updated Wednesday, November 3, 2010

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